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Washing machine Wash Motor Rewinding data With Aluminum Wire |Aluminum Wire Winding.

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hello, friends in this article I will show you how you can Rewinding washing machine wash motor with aluminum wire. Wash Motor Rewinding data With Aluminum Wire Also Cover In This Post. You can also be rewinding this motor with copper wire but this time we are rewinding this motor with aluminum wire. Please note that aluminium wire and copper wire winding data are different so don’t use this motor winding data with a copper wire winding. You can only use this motor winding with aluminium wire.

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Washing Machine Wash Motor Aluminum Wire Rewinding Video Here.

Washing machine motor stator detail.


Core length = 1 inch 5 soot

Inner Diameter = 2 inch 5 soot

Outer Diameter = 4 inch 3 soot.

Volts = 220

Capacitor = 12 mfd.

Pole = 4

Rpm = 1440 (Running Per Minutes.)

Aluminium wire washing machine motor full Rewinding data.

वाशिंग मशीन मोटर रनिंग फुल वाइंडिंग डाटा यहाँ देखें.

Pitch 1-4 and 1-6

  Coil. 1-4 (1 baar gumana)   Coil. 1-6( 2 baar gumana hai)

Coil. 1-4. 1-6  

Turn 120 – 240  

Swg (Standard wire gauge) = 29.

वाशिंग मशीन मोटर स्टार्टिंग फुल वाइंडिंग डाटा यहाँ देखें.

Washing machine motor Starting pitch 1-4 and. 1-6  

Coil. 1-4. 1-6

  Turn 115. 230

  Swg = 30 .

Total coils 8pc   4 coils in running   and   4 coils in. starting  

Coil size is (update soon) inch   (This is single speeds winding motor.)    

Washing machine Wash motor Rewinding with aluminum wire

Connection =Normal.

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